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DFR Group of companies has done a corporate re-structuring and has merged DFR Cape, Pretoria, Eastern Cape and 4D into a single management platform.

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electrical and electronic engineersEvident effort was spent in establishing our offices in Namibia and Botswana that afforded us the opportunity to not only secure some unique projects in the regions but also secure some valuable network alliances with uniquely selected partners.

We pride ourselves in continuing to establish a client base with most Central Banks in the SADC
region and that we are the most knowledgeable team of engineers that may provide engineering
solutions for integrated security systems for national key points.

Energy and Green Building initiatives by DFR Engineers also derived dividends in securing a number of energy optimization, off-grid and renewable energy solutions for a number of tertiary educational institutions, industrial, commercial and State departments.

DFR Engineers' Mechanical Department has grown to the extent where we can now offer full mechanical engineering services relating to HVAC, sanitation and water treatment plants. In addition this also includes pump stations, lift-, escalator- and fire protection solutions.

System integration and IT support has always been a grey area, however our engineers and project managers have positioned themselves to support our clients with system integration solutions, specialized control room and server room applications and high level business architecture solutions.

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DFR Engineers: Head office

144 Generaal Beyers Street, Pretoria North

T +27 (12) 546 7574
F +27 (12) 546 7573 

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DFR Engineers: Eastern Cape

9 Sherlock Street, Richmond Hill,
Port Elizabeth

T +27 (41) 582 1453
F +27 (86) 600 7181

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DFR Engineers: Cape

Canal Edge Three, Block B, Unit 13, Tyger Waterfront 
Tyger Valley, Cape Town
T +27 (86) 122 2873
F +27 (21) 914 0371

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DFR Engineers: Namibia

59 Pasteur Street, Windhoek-West,

T +264 (61) 237 346
F +264 (61) 237 335

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