Engineering Services That Ensure Project Value:

electrical and electronic engineers•  Establishing scope of work and detailed requirements for client's operational and project specifications
•  Research and preparation of preliminary designs, submitting sketch plan reports and project flow forecasts
•  Providing a comprehensive briefing of our solution to client
•  Compiling project specifications, design drawings, bills of quantities and budgetary cost estimates
•  Tender process management and evaluation, adjudication of tenders and tender recommendations
•  Coordinating meetings and liaising with professional teams
•  Handover of site to contractors
•  Commissioning of the installation
•  Comprehensive project management, including scheduling and chairing of site meetings
•  Negotiating with authorities and advising on relevant legislation and statutory requirements
•  Site inspections and quality assurance
•  Managing defects liability period
•  Processing, measuring and certifying progress payments for submission to client
•  Processing of final payments, as-built drawings, maintenance manuals and certificates

DFR Engineers' Approach

Responsible Citizenship - Conducting our business with the highest standards
of ethics, adherence to the law and “doing what is right” therefore having integrity
and accountability.
Innovation - We are creative in delivering value to our fellow associates,
customers, share-owners and community. We anticipate change and capitalize
on the many opportunities that arise.
Teamwork - We promote and support a diverse, yet unified team. We work
together to meet our common goals.
Respect - We honor the rights and beliefs of our fellow associates. We treat
others with the highest degree of dignity equality and trust.
Passion - To be passionate about our brands, service and people, thereby
delivering superior value.
Unity - We are one company, one team. We believe that succeeding as one
enterprise is as important as succeeding independently. Balancing empowerment
and interdependence makes us strong.
Excellence - To be the best in quality and everything we do.
Empowerment - To empower our talented people to take the initiative and to do
what is right.
Integrity - We employ the highest ethical standards, demonstrating honesty and
fairness in every action that we take.
Relationships - We work with people, not companies and have organized our
business to be big enough to meet your needs, but still small enough to care
about the individuals involved.
Positive attitude - We enjoy what we do.
Health - Optimal health status for all persons in DFR Engineers.
Happiness - Happiness is that state of consciousness which proceeds from the
achievement of one’s values.