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DFR Group of companies has done a corporate re-structuring and has merged DFR Cape, Pretoria, Eastern Cape and 4D into a single management platform.

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DFR Engineers, together with ESS sponsored Vissershoek Primary School with a complete CCTV surveillance system worth R 209 000

Founded in 1998, DFR Engineers is a dynamic and experienced electrical-, electronic- and mechanical engineering consultancy that provides comprehensive and value-driven design and project management services. Our team of engineering specialists have built a reputation for providing viable, durable and cost-effective solutions to meet challenging project requirements throughout Africa.

As expert consulting engineers in the electrical field, DFR Engineers decided to get our team involved by sponsoring this project together with ESS by designing a CCTV surveillance system, donating CCTV cameras as well as the installation of the complete system for this school. The equipment is worth R160 00 and we sponsored the design and installation worth R49 000 – the project was completed on 25 October 2013 with a value of R209 000

Vissershoek primary school is a small school in an agricultural area – about 37km from Pretoria North. This school has 223 children and strongly believes that quality education forms a strong foundation towards a child’s future. This school and both parents as well as teachers are closely involved with the children’s needs and academic as well as sport performance. The school consists of small classes (about 29 kids per class,) thus allowing the teachers to provide the kids with personal attention, as an example,  the principal knows every child by name.

All the classrooms as well as some outside areas and the gate area now have CCTV surveillance that are monitored in the principal’s office.
This new security system will not only improve the safety of both the kids and the teachers but also allow the school to provide a more disciplined environment to the kids. The system will ensure a low theft rate, controlled access to prevent intruders from entering the premises and also serve as proof should any incident happen at the school, ensuring a greater peace of mind to parents as well.

Various engineers and employees of DFR engineers as well and Anton from Vissershoek Primary School got involved with the installation of the system and cameras

Thank you to all our sponsors and the team who made it possible to invest such an amazing system into one of our communities’ schools.

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