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electrical engineering

electrical engineeringDFR Engineers are currently working in association with the Bigen Africa Cape Town office on the Electrical reticulation to a new low cost housing development for the City of Cape Town, which includes the following scope of works:
• Initial survey of existing infrastructure including liaison with Eskom.
• Liaison with the City and with the Department of Energy to facilitate subsidy funding for the project.
• Design and documentation of all bulk and link services to ensure electrical supply to the various development areas.
• Design and documentation of the MV, LV and Street Lighting systems for the entire project consisting of approximately 3100 living units.
• Specification measuring and tendering the reticulation system consisting of MV switches, Minisubstations, MV cabling, LV cabling, Distribution Kiosks and other ancillary systems.
• Specification measuring and tendering the street lighting system consisting of poles, luminaires, LV cabling, Distribution Kiosks and other ancillary systems.
• Site monitoring and project management during construction phase
• Testing and handover of reticulation systems to Eskom and street lighting systems to the City of Cape Town
Project Value: R40.2M  |  Duration: Completing early 2014